The RfPUK Story

Religions for Peace United Kingdom is a charitable organisation, we are the independent UK Chapter of Religions for Peace International (https://rfp.org), an entity accredited to the United Nations and a global multi-religious coalition which has been guided by the vision of a world in which religious communities to cooperate effectively for peace since 1970.

We are participating in the global mission to go beyond dialogue and bears fruit in common action with communities of faith and the society at large. At the moment our work involves nuclear disarmament education, climate change, inner peace exploration and fighting hate speech.

We share this work with our UK Women of Faith Network and UK Interfaith Youth Network. Together we take forward the strategy to build and strengthen representative, sustainable interreligious mechanisms, to link local, national, regional and global multi-religious structures and forge partnerships with other sectors of society.

UK Women of Faith Network

RfP affirms all human beings are equal in dignity and rights and recognizes that women religious leaders are irreplaceable and co-equal partners in peace-building. The UK Women of Faith Network (UKWFN) brings together diverse women of faith and interfaith-based women's organisations in UK to work together for peace. RfPUK Women of Faith Network further seeks to amplify the role of women of faith and to equip leaders to advance the RfP mission to achieve transformational changes to some of the world’s most urgent challenges– preventing conflict, overcoming gender based violence, ending poverty and securing a safer environment for our future generations.

Contact Chair of UKWFN Ravindar Kaur Nijjar at rknijjar@ukwfn.org

UK Interfaith Youth Network

The Religions for Peace UK Interfaith Youth Network (UKIYN) is a platform for youths of all religions and those with no faith affiliation to work towards the advancement of common action for peace. While our young people have participated in RfPUK activities, we are working towards forming a steering group so that they can identify and focus on issues most immediate to their concern as well as extending our invitation of Different faiths Common Action to young peacemakers in our society.

Contact Chair of RfPUK Cinde Lee at chair@rfpuk.org

Our vision

Since its founding in 1970, all constituents of RfP Worldwide have been guided by the vision of a world in which religious communities cooperate effectively for Peace, by taking concrete common action.

RfPUK is committed to advancing effective multi-religious cooperation for Peace on global, regional, national and local levels while ensuring that the religious communities organised on these same levels assume and exercise appropriate leadership and ownership of these efforts.

Our mission

RfP Worldwide advances common action among the world’s religious communities for Peace.

In the UK, we promote multi-religious cooperation for Peace and shared well-being our hallmark, which is prevalent in our programmes and projects. This cooperation includes but goes beyond dialogue and bears fruit in common concrete action. Through RfPUK, diverse religious communities discern “deeply held and widely shared” moral concerns, such as violent conflict; gender inequality; environmental degradation; threats to the freedom of thought, conscience and religion; lack of interreligious understanding; and the shrinking space for civil society and multilateralism. This is the direction toward which we strive, and each of our projects identifies with our Mission and translates these shared concerns into concrete action.

Our Team

RfPUK invites religious leaders as our Patrons to direct and help us to advance our efforts towards common action in a multi-faith environment.

We have a team of Trustees who are on board to pioneer programmes and projects and carry out established mission strategy to achieve our visions.

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