A wonderful Italian gift to welcome in 2024

It is with much gratitude that we share the Religions for Peace Words for Peace 2024 Calendar, beautifully compiled and designed by a fellow European national chapter, Religions for Peace Italy.

Each month features a chosen word which is appreciated in theory, but also reminds us of the ever-present struggle to live them out despite our intentions.

The President of RfP Italy Dr Luigi De Salvia said: "These 12 words remain...constant points of reference for our actions, and can permit us, with insight, to assess the consequences of our actions....It seemed important to us to offer (the words for peace) for internal reflection and public discussion in a period in which the grave international tensions and current wars, not only on military grounds, risk nulifying them."

The RfP Words for Peace 2024 Calendar from Italy

RfPUK wishes all a restful holiday at this time of the year. We know that this calendar will serve to keep us vigilent in our promises not only to others, but to ourslves. May the coming year bring us abundant fruit for our toil, and may our various contributions to all our projects and programmes bring us, one step at a time, in however small measures, toward a better world for us and for all humanity.

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