Sharing the Monday Cafe Journey

UKIYN has supported the Hillsong Church UK's initiative and obtained funding from Religions for Peace Humanitarian Fund in responding to the UK refugee integration issue last year.

Over and above the integration visits we collaborated on, the Hillsong Team has been running a vital and successful Monday Cafe for the refugee guests. We are very fortunate that the Response Volunteer Team is willing to share their journey with our participants in an online talk. Engaging with the Team in our online event, the Response Volunteer Team presented a powerpoint of the most incredible sets of facts and figures. They also ran through the method of how they set up their integration project.

On a personal level, we can volunteer and find out what is involved, from teaching English to sharing UK info to helping in the kitchen. On a societal level, we can motivate our own community to take on such a challenge, and extend our community's goodwill towards people who need our compassion and support as they find their way to a safer and sounder life for themselves and their families.

UKIYN is indeed most honoured to havebeen a part of the Humanitarian Fund Integration Project, and we are very keen to motivate our youth to take up meaningful work with the Monday Cafe.

Together we are stronger.

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