Interfaith Harmony Week Youth Summit 2023

UKIYN was invited by the Faith and Belief Forum to participate in the Interfaith Harmony Week Youth Summit on 6 Feb at LSE.

UKIYN participant Alexander Rees from Young Humanists UK reports: "It was a pleasure to attend last week’s Youth Interfaith Summit hosted by the Faith & Belief Forum’s Youth Council. This was a vital forum for bringing young people together to create a movement for change, uplift each other, and grow our communities. Climate is a particularly important and pressing issue. Despite pressing problems in this space we were reminded of the need to focus on working together to face them. Much of the focus was on the role young people can play in bringing passion, creativity, innovation, and personal stories to places where the ‘big picture’ can often eclipse the realities of climate change for ordinary people on the ground. We were treated to influential speakers and interactive workshops, drawing on experiences of Youth COP. There was such a range of youth talent on display and we look forward to drawing on these ideas and networks in our climate work going forward."

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