The RfP Multi-Religious Humanitarian Fund Refugee Integration Project

Hillsong Church UK had been awarded a RfP Multi-Religious Humanitarian Fund to help connect refugee with the British society by arranging events that go beyond their day to day cotact limitations.

guests who live local to many great museums and show them that they can visit these for free whenever they want. These visits help them with their language skills and understanding of British culture, plus it builds connection with their local area. This is a satisfying conclusion to this phase of Humanitarian Fund project, which has had a great impact on guests and volunteers alike. It has increased cohesion and community with additional social activities and experience that our guests otherwise would not have been able to do. RfPUK and UKIYN are very honoured to have been a part of this extraordinary experience. We are most thankful for Ralph Boer's team at Hillsong Church UK for setting such moving example of people of faith at work. UKIYN has invited friends and volunteers to learn from the Monday Cafe, we are keen to forge future collaboration opportunities, for the betterment and well-being of the beneficiaries of course, but also for enhancing and promoting the spirit of service amongst our own youth network.

Full project report

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