Toolkits, reports and documents

2024 1st Quarter Newsletter

UKIYN EcoPeace Cafe BE THE CHANGE Workbook

UKIYN EcoPeace Cafe Project Report

The RfP Words for Peace 2024 Calendar from Italy

UKWFN Gender Equality Empowerment Toolkit

UKWFN Dignity of Women - Scriptural Reflections Exhibition Panels

RfP Humanitarian Fund UK Refugee Integration Project Report

The Manresa 2022 Pact

The Peace Charter of Forgiveness and Reconciiation

The Dignity of Women - Scriptural Reflections

Restoring Dignity - Toolkit for Religious Communities To End Violence Against Women

Imam Sheik Ibrahim Mogra's report on a trip to Kyiv for prayer, key encounters with peacebuilders, and political leaders

RfP International Youth Committee's Statement on the Ukraine Conflict

RfP European Council of Religious Leaders Appeals to Patriarch of Moscow to help stop Ukraine Invasion

Religions for Peace Statement on Ukraine Conflict

Religions for Peace Women of Faith COP26 Statement and Signatories

Reigions for Peace World Council Statement: Generations in Dialogue 20211008

UKWFN Report on Spirtual Vibrations - Earth Hour event 20210325

RfPUK pays tribute to HRH Prince Philip

RfPUK response to UK government's Integrated Report

UKWFN Report on Celebrating International Womens Day 2021: A webinar by Inspirational Women 20210318

UKWFN Report on Sacred Earth event 20210311

RfPUK Statement on the 75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

1st Assembly on Women, Faith & Diplomacy Programme Brochure

Annual reports

RfPUK Annual Report 2023

UKWFN 2022 Annual Report

RfPUK Annual Report 2022

UKWFN Annual Report 2021

RfPUK Annual Report 2021

UKWFN Annual Report 2020

RfPUK Annual Report 2020

RfPUK Annual Report 2019

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